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Lil Chillers

Lil Chillers

Hot Lil Focer Controller cramping your style? We've got just the fix! Check out our custom-made copper plate chillers, sized at 76.2 x 57.7 x 1.6mm. The 'Lil Chiller' is designed to keep your gear up to 24% cooler (based on recently recorded data) - that's serious relief for your device.


Lil Chiller Mount order:


Lil Focer

Non-Conductive Thermal pad

Lil Chiller

Conductive Thermal pad or paste




What's in the box? You'll score:


1x Lil Chiller Copper Plate


Say goodbye to overheating and hello to longer, cooler runs with the Lil Chiller. This isn't just an upgrade, it's a game-changer. Give your Lil Focer the chill it deserves!

    $19.99 Regular Price
    $14.99Sale Price
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